The Elephant Poncho

The Elephant Poncho

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The Elephant Poncho

Our elephant ponchos are designed to be used as an after bath cover up, for beach time trips, as or an easy alternative to a standard dressing gown. The open sides allow for easy on/off, whilst the lined hood helps to absorb any water from your child’s hair. 

Features include a curved neck, to sit comfortably on your child, a pocket for all of those essentials & no itchy labels in the inside of the garment to irritate delicate skin. The over-sized animal ears are sure to be a hit with kids of all ages!

Featuring cute ears & a pocket!

What do the parents say?

'The boys loved them. They're lovely and I'm sure will get loads of use!'

Sarah Convey, Mummy's Whine Club Blog 

'Someone didn’t want to take off her new super soft Talihina's Boutique Elephant poncho this morning'

Micheal & Wes, Twodads.u.k

'The kids absolutely loved them and thought their new ears in particular, were hilarious'

Don't Be Sorry Blog

Why Organic?

Our ponchos are made from 100% organic terry towelling, with an organic lined jersey hood. This means that no pesticides, insecticides or chemicals have used in the production of our products. The highlights of organic means there is less chance for irritation on sensitive skin, this can be beneficial for children suffering from skin conditions. Organically produced garments are also less likely to fray or breakdown in the wash. We are also proud to be doing our bit for our planet by not adding more chemicals into the atmosphere. 

About Talihina's Boutique

Talihina’s Boutique are an organic based children’s clothing line, based in a beautiful town in West Cork, Ireland. Being a family run business, we are run by Sarah, Adrian & our product tester & model, two year old Talihina. We take pride in creating timeless luxurious children’s products, that can be passed down through generations. All of our products are made from organic cotton, to ensure no irritation on delicate skin.